Chiropractic care aimed at preventing discomfort, injury, and disease is centered around the chiropractic adjustment. It’s an approach unique to chiropractic, in which the chiropractor’s hands (or a small instrument) are used to apply a controlled, sudden force to the spine and related spinal components. The goal of the adjustment is to correct and/or reduce interferences to the flow of life force energy throughout your body. When your life force is fully unobstructed, your body is free to express its full health potential.

The flow of life energy in your body is decreased by subluxations and imbalance within the spine. A subluxation is where the vertebra exerts a pressure that slowly interferes with your nerves’ normal energy flow. While subluxations can result in pain, quite often they do not. If left uncorrected over a period of time, subluxations can disrupt your nervous system’s normal function of relaying vital nerve impulses to essential parts of the body. A chiropractic adjustment re-aligns the spine to keeps your nerve channels open the way nature intended. The adjustment allows your brain to better communicate with your body and thus allows the electrical life force to flow.

Through regular adjustments that align the spine, restore musculoskeletal balance, and release your life force energy, chiropractors can help relieve and/or prevent headaches, fatigue, back pain and numbness or tingling in the extremities. Improving the spine’s alignment can help increase your range of motion, improve your overall quality of life, and improve your body’s ability to heal itself.