Mental Health

Chiropractors often see patients suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction, ADD, ADHD, and autism. We provide care for these patients because such “disorders” are the result of a dysfunctioning nervous system. Because chiropractors seek out the obstructions in the human nervous system and free the blockages to increased energy flow, we are well-suited to care for those suffering from these mental “disorders.”Mental health disorders plague not only the mind, but the physical body as well. They can ignite many body related discomforts, ailments, and issues and have been shown to be related to ailments in the back, legs, neck, and joints.

We have seen patients come to the office after experiencing prolonged or chronic pain who have become depressed and irritable, or who medicate themselves to the point of decreasing their social and physical activity. These patients may experience a lowered pain threshold, have problems sleeping, and generally experience a low quality of life. LiveWell is here to offer your body relief, thus helping you to manage your life challenges.