Balance is key to optimizing performance. And while to the layperson balance means “equilibrium,” the Doctors of LiveWell are primarily concerned with the balance between your bones, muscles, tissue, ligaments, and tendons. Keeping the body balanced and aligned is the key to the performance of any athlete. There are no better local chiropractors to rely on than USA Olympian, Dr. Bobby and fitness guru, Dr. Jenn. They both enjoy working with other athletes to assist in reaching the highest potential possible.

The body is meant to function in synergy with itself, each part working in unison with others. Each joint in the body is responsible for a small, specific movement. If one or more of these joints cannot express its full range of motion, the unnatural movement patterns will throw your body out of balance and increase the chance of injury.

Misaligned spinal bones have an effect on your nervous system as well. Out of place vertebrae prevent the nerves from sending the proper signals throughout your body, resulting in either too much or not enough of the right signals reaching the muscles and other bodily systems you rely upon to perform. This type of obstruction in your nervous system increases your risk of pulled muscles, joint inflammation, torn ligaments, tendinitis, joint dislocation and other athletic injuries.

By eliminating the imbalances that occur within the body and by keeping everything functioning at its peak, chiropractic care greatly reduces the likelihood of injury.