Sport Injury

Chiropractors are ideally suited to help you deal with the many pains and strains resulting from sports and pursuing physical fitness programs. There are no better local chiropractors to rely on than USA Olympian, Dr. Bobby and fitness guru, Dr. Jenn. They have personally experienced the hardships that come with being an athlete and use this knowledge to help their patients. Whether you are a professional athlete or weekend warrior, our goal is to reduce your pain while equipping your body to make a complete recovery on its own.

People often ask how a chiropractor can help hurting athletes, considering that spinal injuries constitute only a small percentage of sports injuries. The reason a chiropractic approach to sports injuries is effective (and utilized by professional athletes the world over) is that chiropractors are musculoskeletal experts.

Balance is key to caring for and preventing sports injuries, and the doctors at LiveWell are trained in aligning and balancing the spine as well as releasing muscle tension, which can lead to muscle injury. Making sure your frame is functioning properly will take pressure off of the nerves exiting out of the spinal column. We’ll also check for biomechanical and muscle imbalances as a routine part of caring for your athletic injury.