Workplace Injury

Every year, an estimated 3 million Americans suffer workplace injuries. These injuries can be caused by overexertion, repetitive motion (such as typing), or a traumatic workplace accident. Whether you work on a construction site, in a warehouse, in an office, or anywhere else, the duties you perform at work can lead to a variety of injuries that can damage joints and soft tissue, lead to back pain, neck pain, or pain in other parts of the body.

If you’ve been injured at work, you’re likely all too familiar with workers’ compensation laws. But did you know that a variety of compelling workers’ compensation studies have emphasized the benefits of chiropractic care for those injured in the workplace?

If you have a work injury, chances are you’re trying to find a way to get back on the job as soon as possible. LiveWell has experience diagnosing workplace injuries and customizing care plans that can alleviate pain while healing injured muscles and joints. Our goal is to help you to return to pre-injury status and have you ready to return to work as soon as possible.